Antimony Trioxide

Manufacturer & Exporter of Antimony Trioxide & Industrial Antimony Trioxide. Our product range also comprises of Molybdenum Trioxide, Sodium Antimonate and Zinc Hydroxystannate.

Industrial Antimony Trioxide

The major use of Industrial Antimony Trioxide is as a Flame Retardant synergist in plastics, rubber, textiles, adhesives, fiberglass & Paper.  Glass manufacturer use it as a fining agent or as degasser (to remove bubbles). Porcelain and Enameling services use it as an opacifier.  Paint manufacturer use Antimony Oxide as a white pigment.  It is sometimes used with other materials to form yellow pigments.


Technical Properties :



99.500% Min.

Arsenic (As)

0.05% Max.

Lead (Pb)

0.05% Max.

Iron (Fe)

50 PPM.

Average Particle Size (Microns)

0.9 to 1


97.00% Min.

Insoluble in tartaric acid


Residue on 325 Mesh

0.010% Max.

Specific Gravity

5.2 to 5.7